Kjell Řystein Arisland - professional skills and interests

The list below sums up many of the main subjects for which I believe I have assimilated valuable information and am able to put it to good use. In some fields I have less experience than in others, and in many of the subject areas I only have working knowledge that is useful in combination with one or more of the other subjects.


Business organization

Business startup

Computer animation

Computer architecture

Computer graphics

Computer hardware design software. Keywords: Microelectronics, digital logic, computer architecture, simulation, clocking, silicon compilers, programmable logic

Computer software: General software development, languages, tools, algorithms, complexity, methodology, project management

Consulting services

Creating models of complex systems

Developing software implementing models to simulate, emulate or teach complex systems

Digital logic design

Educational software

Human Resource Management

Information Architecture

Interaction design in the meaning designing for software usability

Internet business development

Internet technology

IPR: Patenting, trademarks, copyrights, know-how management

Learning, cognitive psychology

Marketing, including advertising, branding, Public Relations, sales and consumer psychology

Microelectronic circuit design

Research and analysis: Investigating new subjects and extracting core facts, concepts, objects, relations and interactivity

Software user interface design



World Wide Web applications and technology

Writing documentation

More information about skills, interests, current work etc